Eskom seeks private partners who want to use its land for power projects

Eskom seeks private partners

  • Eskom says there are opportunities for private investors to partner with the utility to improve energy security.
  • The utility is looking at various option of repurposing its old coal plants, particularly in Mpumalanga, for renewable projects.
  • CEO André de Ruyter says a new “model” is being developed to make it easier for Eskom to form corporate partnerships.

Eskom is looking for corporate partners companies to help solve the country’s energy supply crisis, the CEO of the state-owned electricity generator, André de Ruyter, said on Wednesday. He was addressing the Electricity Forum, an event organised by the industry group the Manufacturing Circle.

Eskom, which generates the bulk of its electricity from coal, is shifting its focus to renewable sources of energy, in what is meant to shore up capacity and decarbonise its operations.

De Ruyter pointed out that Eskom has substantial plots of land which could potentially be used to put up renewable energy infrastructure, such as solar and wind farms.

“We are one of the largest landowners in South Africa, in Mpumalanga we own a lot of surface rights to coal mines both currently operating and those that have ceased operations and now need to be rehabilitated.

“We would be able to make use of these land rights so that investors can come and install their capacity and help us solve the problem of electricity shortage for the country.”

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