Eskom aiming to secure concessional funding for R400bn just energy transition project pipeline

energy transition project pipeline

State-owned electricity producer Eskom has identified a pipeline of ‘just energy transition’ projects valued at about R400-billion that it will seek to fund using concessional finance raised from international financiers that have committed to supporting decarbonisation initiatives in developing countries, including South Africa.

Just Energy Transition GM Mandy Rambharos reported on Thursday that the pipeline includes wind, solar and gas and battery projects, some of which will be deployed at its decommissioning coal power stations, starting with Komati in 2022.

It also includes the building of at least 8 000 km of transmission lines, 12 new substations in four provinces, the deployment of 110 transformers by 2030 to strengthen the network, the reinforcement of critical distribution corridors and the deployment of microgrids in locations that are hard to electrify using grid electricity.

Eskom is proposing to fund the projects through a Just Energy Transition financing facility, which has been conceptualised as a multi-tranche, multi-year facility, funded.

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