Bastion Oil and Gas (“Bastion”) is a start-up South African oil and gas exploration and production company. Bastion is focused on South African onshore gas that can be utilised for independent small scale power generation projects and/or used in conjunction with renewable power generation projects.


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Natural Gas Fuel for South Africa EnergyResources & Renewables
July 15, 2024

Natural Gas, the Right Transition Fuel for South Africa

South Africa's ongoing power shortages highlight the urgent need to tap into its natural gas resources. This cleaner-burning fuel can bridge the energy gap while facilitating a transition to renewables and a lower-carbon future. A recent policy brief, “Natural Gas as a Transition Fuel in South Africa,” produced by Eye…
seismic vessel EnergyResources & Renewables
June 12, 2024

South Africa Overturns Ruling that Halted Shell’s Wild Coast Exploration

Oil super major Shell won a reprieve for Wild Coast offshore exploration after a South African appeals court suspended an earlier ruling from a lower court that had halted exploration activities due to environmental concerns, Reuters reports. Shell targeted South Africa's Wild Coast for oil exploration in 2014, sparking backlash…
microscale liquefied natural gas EnergyResources & Renewables
June 12, 2024

Kinetiko Energy’s Amersfoort Development to start producing gas in 2025

KINETIKO Energy expects to start microscale liquefied natural gas (LNG) production at its Amersfoort Development as early as the end of next year. The Australian based energy group’s Amersfoort Development, which stretches across Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal says though its production will be small scale, it will still be on a…