Bastion Oil and Gas (“Bastion”) is a start-up South African oil and gas exploration and production company. Bastion is focused on South African onshore gas that can be utilised for independent small scale power generation projects and/or used in conjunction with renewable power generation projects.


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South African Oil and Gas Exploration Companies EnergyResources & Renewables
April 1, 2024

Give South African Oil and Gas Exploration Companies some credit

Often not understood is that oil and gas exploration companies do not as a rule go public with detailed technical information on all their gas exploration activities and time periods.  They keep their technical and commercial intellectual property (IP) to themselves.  Even those gas exploration companies that are listed must…
onshore gas exploration EnergyResources & Renewables
March 8, 2024

Kinetiko Energy’s Promising Start in 2024: Unveiling Gas Wealth in South Africa’s Mpumalanga

As South Africa tackles its energy needs and searches for long-term solutions, Kinetiko Energy's recent exploration in Mpumalanga Province shows promise. The company began its 2024 onshore gas exploration activities in January by drilling a core hole (270-08C) north of Memel. This initial exploration has revealed promising signs, including layers…
Natural gas reserves Amersfoort EnergyResources & Renewables
February 26, 2024

Mpumalanga gas project aims to bridge just energy transition gap

The advancement of natural gas reserves in Amersfoort, Mpumalanga, is being promoted as having the potential to reshape South Africa’s energy dynamics significantly and play a key role in the nation’s pursuit of a more diversified and sustainable energy future. Nevertheless, environmental organizations raise questions about whether gas qualifies as…