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By December 13, 2021NewsFlash
technical cooperation permits

On 29th November 2021, Bastion Oil and Gas South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Bastion”) executed three (3) technical cooperation permits (“TCPs”).  These TCPs secure Bastion’s access to potentially high value gas bearing areas and grant Bastion exclusivity to apply for exploration rights.  All these TCP areas are in close proximity to Eskom’s Majuba, Grootvlei, Tutuka and Camden coal fired power stations.

Bastion Map

Bastion has instructed its attorneys to immediately commence with applications for exploration rights over the TCP areas.  Bastion will now take all the necessary and required actions to prove up gas resources in line with its plan to supply gas to small scale gas to power plants, preferably in conjunction with solar.

It is also worth noting that Bastion’s neighbour, Kinetiko Energy Limited, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) through its subsidiary Afro Energy (Pty) Ltd, has recently commenced its pilot production gas drilling project alongside Bastion’s boundary north-east of Eskom’s Majuba power station.  Bastion wishes Kinetiko all the best and success with their pilot gas production drilling program.

Bastion’s affiliate, Bulwark Oil and Gas (Pty) Ltd (“Bulwark”), on 16th September 2021, applied for a further eight (8) TCPs in respect of potential onshore coal bed methane areas.  Seven (7) of the applications were accepted by the Petroleum Agency for processing.  Bulwark is confident that these applications will be granted making Bastion and Bulwark, combined, a significant holder of onshore coal bed methane gas bearing rights in South Africa.

We are grateful to all that have supported Bastion and Bulwark in these endeavours, particularly, the Petroleum Agency, BBP Law and our shareholders/investors.



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