Gas is ‘sensible, practical’ way to migrate SA to a low-carbon future, says Eskom’s De Ruyter

Gas is Good for Bastion’s Future

  • Gas has a significant role in South Africa’s energy future, with the government planning to procure 3GW later this year.
  • Eskom’s CEO André de Ruyter says gas-fired power can ensure system stability as the country shifts to cleaner energy solutions.
  • South Africa’s Gas Master Plan setting out demand and means of supply is to be finalised by March 2023, according to a DMRE official.

Although gas is a fossil fuel, which is polluting, South Africa’s energy future can’t escape it. So much so, Eskom’s own modelling indicates that a shift to renewables will require dispatchable power to ensure system stability – and that can be provided from gas, according to the power utility’s CEO André de Ruyter.

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