Appointment of Mr Mthozami Xiphu as Bastion’s Chief Operating Officer

By April 21, 2024NewsFlash

Mthozami Xiphu

Bastion Oil and Gas South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Bastion”) is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Mthozami Xiphu as its Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) effective from 1 May 2024 (Bastion Oil & Gas).

Mr Xiphu is a seasoned oil and gas professional with a B. Juris (UPE) law degree and Masters: Public Affairs (Howard University, Washington, USA).  He started his career as a regional public affairs advisor for Shell (RSA) and previously served as Director: Legal Services for the Department of Minerals and Energy, Non-Executive Director then Chief Executive Officer: Petroleum Agency SA and a Non-Executive Director: PetroSA, the South African national oil and gas company.  Mr Xiphu currently serves as the Chairperson of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance (“SAOGA”) having started that position in 2013.

Bastion’s focus remains onshore gas exploration in South Africa with the aim of bringing cheap and affordable energy to the people of South Africa. Bastion is fortunate to have Mr Xiphu as part of its team and bringing his wealth of local and international experience.


For more information please contact the undersigned at barrisford@bastionoil.com or info@bulwarkoil.co.za


Barrisford Petersen
Founder and Managing Director
Bastion Oil and Gas South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Bulwark Oil And Gas SA (Pty) Ltd
Rockit Energy (Pty) Ltd

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